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iPhone usado

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How to delete someone else’s Apple ID on your iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

There are generally two reasons why you could have someone else's Apple ID on your device: Maybe you bought a used iPhone and its previous owner didn't take the precaution to take the proper measures, or it could be that you loaned your iPhone to someone. , you entered the App Store with your Apple ID and forgot to exit before returning it. Regardless of the cause, this can lead to various difficulties; Among other things, you will not be able to download new apps, in addition to the fact that the photos you take -for example- will go to the other person's iCloud account, not yours. In short, it is an awkward situation that you don't want to get your hands on. Fortunately, learning how to erase your Apple ID won't take long. You will be interested in: How to remove someone else's Ap...