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iPhone xr

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The iPhone XR and iPhone 12 Pro have been discontinued | Digital Trends Spanish

The arrival of the new iPhone 13 in its four varieties (normal, mini, Pro and Pro Max) has the collateral effect of each new iPhone: some models say goodbye officially and in this case, it is the turn of the iPhone XR and the iPhone 12 Pro. From now on, Apple has five different lines of iPhone that They are for sale officially. In ascending order of prices, these start with the iPhone SE ($ 400), iPhone 11 ($ 500), iPhone 12 ($ 600), plus the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. So, we have to say goodbye to the iPhone XR, which was launched in 2018 and turned out to be a very popular model; so much so, that it lasted longer than Apple's equipment is normally kept for sale. But instead of discontinuing it, the company continued to offer it as its cheapest phone. And the other model that ...
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iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR: which of these two cell phones is better? | Digital Trends Spanish

A great phone continues to be even if new generations arrive, and despite the fact that we already have an iPhone 12 on the market (and soon an iPhone 13), the iPhone 11 is still an excellent device. As a follow-up to the iPhone XR of 2018, it adopted a winning formula, adding an additional camera lens, and increasing the processing power. It is still possible to find both models, but there is only room for one of them in your pocket. Which one should you buy? Let's take a look at the two of them in this showdown between the iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR. You will be interested in: specs iPhone 11 iPhone XR Measures 150.9 × 75.7 × 8.3 mm (5.94 × 2.98 × 0.33 inches) 150.9 × 75.7 × 8.3 mm (5.94 × 2.98 × 0.33 inches) Weight 194 grams (6.84 ounces) 194 grams (6.84 ounces) Screen size 6-inch...
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The best screen protectors for iPhone 11 | Digital Trends Spanish

The iPhone 11's combination of power, beauty, and lower price makes it a first-choice alternative phone for many. But, like any device, it is somewhat fragile, and it is easy to see how the glass body and the screen can be scratched, damaged or broken. These are some of the best screen protectors for iPhone 11 that we have found so far. You will be interested in: Speck ShieldView Glass This is one of the best screen protectors for iPhone 11. First of all, it is made of tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating, so it will protect your beloved cell phone from all kinds of scratches and scuffs from household metal objects. , including keys and knives. Its strength is enhanced by its oleophobic coating, so fingerprints and other smudges are reduced to a minimum. Second, the protector is ...
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So you can take a screenshot on an iPhone XR | Digital Trends Spanish

IPhone XR brings the best of iOS and long, all-day battery life to the affordable smartphone market. It's no wonder this model set records as Apple's best-seller of 2019. If you're one of the many who bought an iPhone XR, there are a host of useful features that you may not be using. The screen capture, in particular, can be done in several ways, and it is a process that changes, if you come from an iPhone 8 or earlier. We break it down step by step below. Take screenshots with physical buttons Step 1: Locate the correct buttons: Gone are the days when we used the physical button home, so you will have to use the buttons instead blocking and turn up the volume to take the screenshot. The volume up button is on the top left of the phone, below the mute switch; the ...