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Jeep revealed its new Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid | Digital Trends Spanish

Dodge was not the only brand from the US branch of the Stellantis empire to present surprises during the EV Days event of the youngest of the auto multinationals. As part of the rollout of the fifth-generation models of its celebrated Grand Cherokee SUV, which will conclude with the official unveiling of all models in the line at the upcoming 2021 New York Auto Show, Jeep also had something to show for it at the event. . It was the SUV that will be known as the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, the first plug-in hybrid version in the history of the Grand Cherokee line. The importance of this appetizer is not that we are seeing a plug-in hybrid Grand Cherokee, a version that we all knew was coming, but that it is the first time that Jeep shows the version with two lines of seats of the new ...