Sunday, July 25

Joy-Con Drift

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A piece of paper can fix the Joy-Con drift | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the problems that users of the Nintendo Switch have had to do with the Joy-Con drift: the stick The controls' analog records movements even without touching it, so the in-game character or camera drifts to either side. Nintendo hasn't taken care of this yet, but in the meantime, you can apparently fix it yourself with just a small piece of paper. Dust is among the most common reasons for Joy-Con malfunctions. This can accumulate inside the control and prevent the small metal contacts inside from touching the graphite pads, which are in charge of recording the movements of the controller. stick. In that case, it makes sense that everything is fixed by opening the control and cleaning its interior. But, most of the time, the problem reoccurs. Tired of workarounds, Victorstk, fr...