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The Best Bioware Games of All Time | Digital Trends Spanish

We felt it was time to review the entire catalog of BioWare games and list your best titles of all time. The top spots on this particular list were difficult to put in order, and depending on the franchise, setting, or playstyle, you'll probably be ordering them slightly differently. You will be interested in: BioWare has been one of the most prominent western developers of role-playing games (RPG) during decades. They left their mark on the industry early on by creating deep stories told with a level of writing that would otherwise be absent in video games in general. Not only were they masters at crafting original stories, they even managed to inject new ideas and twists into existing franchises. In those early days, BioWare was strictly a developer for computer platforms, but litt...
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The best Steam games today | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite competing with platforms such as Epic games Y Origin, Steam continue being he place to play on PC, and it's easy to see why. Steam offers a much larger library than any other digital rights management (DRM, Digital Rights Management). But beyond that, it comes with a couple of extra benefits that the other platforms can't compete with. Whether you're looking for an achievement guide or looking for community-made mods, Steam has a feature for it. If you don't mind getting on a DRM platform, Steam is the best way to buy PC games. If you've just built a gaming computer or want more game options to add to your library, these are the best Steam games. Divinity: Original Sin II Divinity: Original Sin II captures everything about Steam. It's a dense RPG game with lots of ach...