Sunday, September 19

Juegos PSP

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Everything we know about Skull & Bones | Digital Trends Spanish

Ubisoft has some notoriously problematic games in development that have long left fans scratching their heads. Apart from Beyond Good and Evil 2, the most curious title that has managed to avoid cancellation despite years of delays, reboots and who knows what else behind the scenes, is the pirate game Skull & Bones. You will be interested in: It was first announced in 2017, and since then we have received almost nothing but bad news regarding this title. Despite having a playable version in 2018, for the press only, the game has undergone major, if not complete, revisions to the point that some don't even know what it is. Promised as a complete game of sorts built around the insanely popular naval combat features in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, Skull & Bones he was ready to cause q...
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The best PSP games that will bring your old portable console to life | Digital Trends Spanish

It seems like yesterday when the PlayStation Portable came to toast the gamers the opportunity to leave home without having to stop playing, but although it is hard to believe, more than 15 years have passed. In this list we do a count of the best PSP games that arose at the time; How many of them do you remember? Which ones did you not know? You will be interested in: Burnout: Legends Burnout: Legends take the high speed racing from Burnout: Takedown, and adds various tracks and game modes from the first two titles of Burnout to create a deep and extremely enjoyable package for racing fans. Legends features Pursuit mode, where players can take control of a police car and try to catch illegal street racers. In total, the game includes 95 unlockable cars, 18 maps, and nine unique race...