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Remains of a flying dragon identified in Chile | Digital Trends Spanish

Thanks to the study of the fossil remains found in the Atacama desert (northern Chile), in 2009, a strange “flying dragon” from the Jurassic could be identified, something that had never happened in the southern hemisphere. It is a type of pterosaur belonging to the subfamily Ramphorhynchinae, which was found in the city of Calama and which inhabited Gondwana about 160 million years ago. The study was headed by Jhonatan Alarcón, researcher at the Paleontological Network of the University of Chile, and the remains that corresponded to “a left humerus, a possible dorsal vertebra and two fragments of a phalanx of the wing, all preserved in three dimensions and probably belonging to a single individual ”. University of Chile.According to the scientist, the preserved pieces of the specimen a...