Tuesday, September 28

Kia Niro

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The Kia Niro 2022 debuts with a new emblem | Digital Trends Spanish

Since its arrival on the world market in 2017, the Kia Niro has had a very clear intention: to standardize hybrid vehicles, at least at Kia dealerships. This harmless-looking hybrid hatchback doesn't have a conventional powered counterpart, but neither does it have the quirky, polarizing lines of dedicated hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius. It is a hybrid vehicle that you do not want to stand out because of its appearance. The Kia Niro, which offers hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, was the subject of an update in 2020 that gave it a new front, new colors, and interior improvements that included larger infotainment screens; eight-inch regular and 1.25-inch optional, paddle shifters on the steering wheel, Harman / Kardon, and lane-keeping assistant among other improvements. A...