Thursday, July 29

Kitchen accessories

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The best cake pans we tested in 2021

The best cake pans release the sponge smoothly, revealing evenly browned sides and bottoms. We tested eight cake pans by baking the same yellow cake in each. Our top cake pan is the KitchenAid Non-Stick 9" Round for its even baking and easy cake release. As a young home baker, I mostly use well-loved, hand-me-down cake pans, and have spent a lot of time dealing with the problems warped, discolored, and non-standardized pans can cause. Whether the mix came from a box or you spent hours on the perfect chiffon, it's a real bummer when your cake sticks to the pan. Having a quality cake pan is just as important as using a tried and true recipe, allowing you to focus on flavor and textur...