Thursday, September 16

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This Engineer Created His Own Spider-Man Web Launcher | Digital Trends Spanish

JT, the engineer for the YouTube channel Built IRL, is dedicated to building artifacts in real life "that you have only seen in fiction." In the past he built his own version of Batman's grapple gun, and recently, he replicated Spider-Man's web thrower. At the beginning of 2020, JT made his first attempt to simulate the cobweb launcher, but he had to use an air compressor backpack, wrist launchers, heavy duty cables and touch-sensitive gloves that allowed to activate everything with the gestures of Spider-Man. ; it was a cumbersome and dangerous mechanism. In the new attempt, as shown in his channel, the system has been simplified. Rather than launch a cable with a grappling hook that can be mechanically coiled, JT created a simple metal tube that is powered by compressed propane ga...