Friday, July 30

Larry Hogan

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Indiana resumes federal pandemic unemployment benefits after court ruling

Indiana on Friday resumed paying federal pandemic unemployment benefits. The payments, which stopped on June 19, will be retroactive to the week ending on June 26. Maryland was recently ordered to continue its federal unemployment supplemental payments. Sign up for the 10 Things in Politics daily newsletter. Indiana on Friday resumed paying pandemic unemployment benefits, including the weekly $300 enhanced federal supplement, after the state Court of Appeals denied the state's attempt to continue halting the disbursements, according to The Indianapolis Star.Since the programs restarted, the Indiana Department of Workforce Developme...
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Maryland to continue paying federal unemployment benefits after judge rules against Governor Hogan

Federal unemployment benefits will continue to be paid in Maryland after a judge ruled against Governor Larry Hogan. Maryland was set to end the pandemic unemployment aid Saturday evening, which includes $300 weekly payments. Governor Hogan has indicated that he will immediately appeal the decision. LoadingSomething is loading. ...