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LG OLED C1 2021: elevate streaming entertainment | Digital Trends Spanish

LG OLED C1 2021: elevate streaming entertainment PVS $ 1,256.00 "LG is a guarantee as a television manufacturer and the OLED C1 2021 only reaffirms its quality for those who seek to elevate the home viewing of content." Pros High level of contrast Vivid and accurate color images Clear and immersive audio Good amount of ports and entrances Cons The power cord is not that long User interface could be more intuitive Why buy a 4K screen? To enjoy the platforms of streaming most popular ...
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Xiaomi will sell the world’s first transparent TV | Digital Trends Spanish

On Sunday August 16, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi will start selling the world's first transparent TV. At least, the first that is mass produced and that can be used in any home. It is called Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition, it has a 55-inch screen and is only 5.7 mm thick. It will cost $ 49.99 yuan, about $ 7,200, reported Digital trends. "The idea of ​​a transparent television may seem straight out of a science fiction movie, but we have seen examples of transparent screens dating back several years," the English-language publication notes. To achieve its transparency, Mi TV Lux uses OLED technology. This system offers a series of advantages over Led televisions. Among others: thinness, deep black levels and the ability to adopt curved shapes. Xiaomi But the main...
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LG OLED 55CX6 TV review: analysis and opinion | Digital Trends Spanish

LG OLED 55CX6 TV review: analysis and opinion "A premium mid-range with excellent image quality, the best remote control and an acceptable careful design." Excellent remote control Picture quality Operating system options With an increasingly competitive market, due to the arrival in Spain of new rivals such as TCL and Xiaomi - and perhaps Huawei, Realme and some other manufacturers soon - LG is one of the leading brands in this business. He accumulates a lot of experience in manufacturing OLED panels (he is currently the only manufacturer that produces it). One of the great advantages of this technology is that it ...