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WhatsApp improves your group calls with a new function | Digital Trends Spanish

Group calls have allowed us to stay in touch with our friends or family during the pandemic. For this reason, the different platforms that offer the function have improved it and enabled new functions. One of the most popular and used in the last year is WhatsApp. The downside to this messaging service is that if the user is not available when called, they can be left out of a group call. This problem has remained in the past, since, from now on, WhatsApp allows one to join a group call at any time, even if it already started without us. WhatsAppIn this way, if the person accesses a group of which they is part and realizes that a call is being made at that moment, they can join it with the push of a button. For this, yes, it is necessary to have been invited before. The platform also...
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How to Record Skype Calls Easily | Digital Trends Spanish

For many, it is not easy to take notes and pay attention to what others are saying ... and there is no need to do so, when you can count on a record of your videoconferences with clients or colleagues. One of the best alternatives to do this is Skype, since you don't need external or third-party programs to do it. Learn here how to record Skype calls, it's easy! Monika Skolimowska / picture alliance via Getty Images To carry out the process, you need to have the latest version of the application installed. If you haven't, go to Skype website and download it. You should just consider that recording audio and video conversations without asking the other party's permission is legally questionable, depending on where you live. Check the laws in your local area, or - ju...
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The best apps to change the voice that you can download | Digital Trends Spanish

Technological advances have come to make our lives easier, helping us to do all kinds of things, like cooking, working ... and obviously, playing pranks on our loved ones. Don't wait for April's Fool Day or April Fools' Day to laugh at the expense of your friends! You can do it at any time. For example? One of the most popular alternatives is phone calls in which you pose as a famous person. If you do not want to be discovered, the best apps to change the voice will be useful. Snapchat Snapchat is most famous for image filters that change your appearance, but it also brings voice filters, which you can access by tapping the speaker or horn icon that appears in the lower left after recording a video. There are several options to play with, so experiment to find t...
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How to record calls on an iPhone: step by step | Digital Trends Spanish

Although most people will probably never need to record a phone call, there are situations where keeping a record of a conversation can be helpful. And while you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know how to do it, recording calls on an iPhone is certainly a bit more complex than ordering food delivery or taking a screenshot, and you need to know what you're doing. We select the best applications available in the App Store and other complementary devices that are also quite useful for this purpose. We've scoured the internet for the best call recorders for your iPhone, trying a few different methods and apps, and we've put together this list. Just make sure you keep everything within the legal limits. Note- There are federal and state laws regarding the recordi...