Sunday, September 19


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What is Locast? Free TV streaming that the big networks hated | Digital Trends Spanish

It's no surprise, but Locast - which took over the free broadcasts of major television channels in about three dozen major markets in the US - ceased to exist. After a couple of years of existence, the four big television networks got together and filed a lawsuit. And on September 1, 2021, a federal judge granted a summary judgment that caused Locast to shut down its operations just one day later. Anyway, here we explain what is locast (or was). We will leave the rest of this article unchanged, for posterity. Let's say you want to watch local TV channels, but you have poor reception on your HDTV antenna. Unfortunately, that was your only free option. However, you have other alternatives: pay a satellite or cable company a monthly fee for that content, or one of the big live streami...