Tuesday, September 28


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League of Legends World Championship Changes Venue | Digital Trends Spanish

This year the tenth version of the World Championship of League of LegendsHowever, as has happened with many events, the pandemic has caused some difficulties. In the case of this tournament, the problem is that in 2021 it has become more complicated to travel, due to the restrictions and security protocols established in the different countries by the delta variant of COVID-19. This is why Riot Games has changed its plans. Initially, the World Championship of League of Legends 2021, also called "Worlds", was to take place in China. The plan was to hold the event in five cities in that country in October, with the final taking place in Shenzhen on November 6. However, now the tournament will move to Europe. "Unfortunately, we have reached the point where it is extremely difficult to ...
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Spotify keeps all the audio from League of Legends | Digital Trends Spanish

The application Spotify and the developer Riot Games announced an unprecedented alliance that makes the service streaming music in exclusive partner of all the audio content of the global events of League of Legends, the popular esports video game best known by its acronym: LOL. The partnership will also give fans of the online battle arena (MOBA) multiplayer video game access to original podcasts, curated playlists, among other features, Spotify said. League of Legends It is considered one of the largest electronic sports in the world. In 2019, tourremos were held in more than 30 cities and the 2019 World Championship final reached a record audience of 21.8 million viewers. According to figures from Spotify, the official soundtrack of League of Legends accumulates mor...