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They take a selfie just as they are struck by lightning | Digital Trends Spanish

Not many people escape unscathed after being struck by lightning. And far fewer have a record of that. This is what happened to the Isobel brothers, Rachel and Andre Jobson, who were enjoying a leisurely bike ride through a field near London. At one point, the brothers decided to stop and seek shelter under a tree, since it had just started to rain. As a way to make the wait more entertaining, they decided to take a selfie. The problem is that sheltering under a tree during a thunderstorm can be a bad idea, as lightning strikes the path of least resistance, which is almost always the tallest object in the area. Wow. Isobel Jobson & # 39; s photo as they are struck by lightning. pic.twitter.com/3u01sBqq7C & mdash; Kid Narco (@KidNarco) July 13, 2021 Thus, just as the brothers were t...
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Ear wax can help control depression | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of researchers from University College London has developed a novel method that takes samples of earwax to measure the hormone cortisol. The authors believe that this system could become an effective way to control depression and other conditions associated with stress. The new device can be used at home without medical supervision, which also serves to respect social distancing in the midst of the pandemic. "Cortisol levels in the ear wax appear to be more stable, and with our new device, it is easy to take a sample and analyze it quickly, cheaply and efficiently," explains lead researcher Dr. Andres Herane-Vives. This self-sampling device for earwax is similar to a cotton swab, but has a kind of brake so that it does not enter too much into the ear and cause damage to thi...
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Human Challenge: voluntary infection for COVID-19 vaccines | Digital Trends Spanish

The entire planet maintains a fierce fight against COVID-19. The pandemic caused by this disease looms as one of the greatest health threats we have faced in recent times. At this point, with more than a million deaths globally, any attempt to slow the spread of the virus is worth it, even if it includes intentionally infecting some volunteer patients. Scientists from Imperial College have proposed a controversial and disputed method of deliberate exposure, known as the test "Human challenge ". According to experts, this strategy would include deliberately infecting a group of volunteer patients in early 2021, to study how vaccinated people respond to being exposed to the virus. This could accelerate the discovery of an effective coronavirus vaccine and make a difference to the wa...
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They hacked the Ritz in London and scammed several customers | Digital Trends Spanish

Several clients of the Ritz Hotel in London were scammed by criminals who posed as hotel staff to steal bank information. The scammers called people who had reservations at the hotel's exclusive restaurant and, under the pretext of confirming their order, asked for their credit card details, he reported. Digital trends. This Sunday, August 17, the luxurious hotel published several tweets informing that it had discovered an apparent violation of its food and beverage reservation system that "may have compromised some of our clients' personal data." Elena Theodoridou / Unsplash One of the victims, who was scammed by the scammers, said the ruse seemed convincing, as the hotel's phone number was listed on her cell phone. Also, the caller had the precise details of their re...