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Los Simpson

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This mini-TV only plays episodes of The Simpsons | Digital Trends Spanish

In an age of increasingly sophisticated television technology, this The simpsons It looks like a holdover: its only function is to show episodes of the series every time it is turned on and on a very low resolution screen. The television of The simpsons It is not a commercial product, it was created by a person who used a Raspberry Pi Zero connected to a small screen. The system contains an SD card that stores 11 seasons of the animated series, which are played randomly as soon as the device is turned on. The screen in particular is not as old a technology as the CRT-type television seen in the series, as it is a small TFT LCD panel connected to the Rasperry Pi along with a speaker. In addition, both knobs on the TV have a utility, since one turns on the set and the other turns on the...
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Poochie the dog from The Simpsons will have an action figure | Digital Trends Spanish

The Simpsons frequently introduce new characters. It makes sense if we consider that we are facing one of the series with the most seasons on television. Of all the characters that have passed through animated fiction, the one most loved by the followers of the yellow family is Poochie. It is about a friendly dog ​​who, on board his skateboard, only managed to be in one episode of the series. It was during the Tomy and Daly show, when they wanted to incorporate this character after the tuning indexes of the space dropped dramatically. Thus, Poochie's passage through The Simpsons was brief, but very successful, as she quickly gained the appreciation of the fans of the Fox production. We have recently witnessed this affection. Super7 announced that it will launch a collectible figure of...
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The Simpsons called for a vote to avoid the Apocalypse | Digital Trends Spanish

A call to vote in the US presidential elections made The Simpson, in a remake of the XXXI special Halloween edition of the popular animated series. As usual, the chapter of the House of Terror (Treehouse of Horror) issued on November 1 was divided into three stories, in which original elements of the animated series are mixed with the celebration of Halloween. The first story called "Toy Gory" was a parody of the movie Toy Story, in which Bart suffered punishment for mistreating his toys. The second story called "Into de Homer-Verse" was a reference to the title Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse from Marvel, where Homer was taken on an adventure with multiple universes. "Be Nine, Rewind" was the name of the third story, which shows Lisa dying on her birthday, experiencing a time lo...
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The Simpsons personify Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera | Digital Trends Spanish

The Simpson They are probably the most important animated series in the history of television. Several generations have identified with her and with her characters, therefore it is not surprising that the iconic yellow family is also one of the most beloved. Frequently and throughout all its seasons, those in charge of the series have incorporated popular characters and celebrities from different fields, who on many occasions have been interpreted by those involved. This custom is one of the most attractive features of the production created by Matt Groening. In season 32, which has just been released in the United States, it is the turn to pay tribute to Mexican art. The tribute to Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo FOX. In episode three of the cycle, titled Now museum, now you don't, H...