Tuesday, July 27


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Why will Pornhub be sued by the Louvre Museum? | Digital Trends Spanish

Two European museums are at war with the adult portal Pornhub. The Louvre, in France, and the Uffizi, in Italy, announced lawsuits against the website, after they began to recreate classic works of art but with real actors. Everything in a pornographic version, of course. According to The Daily Beast, both museums will sue because Pornhub infringes on copyrights. And they will request that all the reproductions made of paintings and works in general be eliminated from the new platform launched by the site. The Uffizi assures that in Italy there is a kind of cultural code that indicates that to use images from a museum in some type of commercial project - such as Pornhub's - it is necessary to have a permit and pay a fee to be defined according to the type of reproduction that is made...