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Luke Skywalker

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This fan art shows Luke and Leia with their roles changed | Digital Trends Spanish

Marvel animated series What If…? It's making almost everyone wonder what some characters would look like if their stories were different from how we know them, but not just from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Star Wars is another popular saga with countless characters and moments that people have been reimagining, including illustrator by the name of Uzuri Art. Through your account Twitter, the artist has revealed a pair of illustrations that she recently created showing what Luke Skywalker would look like taking the role of his sister Leia, and vice versa. This week's #StarWars What If…? imagines Leia as a farmer on Tatooine and Luke as the prince of Alderaan. How would things have played out if their roles were switched?#fanart #digitalart & mdash; Uzuri...
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The Mandalorian: Grogu’s lightsaber would be yellow | Digital Trends Spanish

There is still a long way to go before the third season of The Mandalorian premieres. However, rumors and theories about what we will see there are already emerging, especially what will happen with Grogu and his first lightsaber. The last thing we saw in The Mandalorian went to Grogu in the hands of Luke and recently, during Comic-Con 2021, Lucasfilm revealed a poster for the series that shows these two characters together. This confirms that Luke will take care of Grogu and will teach him Jedi skills in his first steps. LucasfilmThe poster also shows another interesting aspect: the details about Grogu's lightsaber. On the one hand, we have Luke who appears levitating a yellow Kyber crystal and, on the other hand, "Baby Yoda" is levitating parts of what would be a lightsaber. So, e...
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What if George Lucas had directed the last Star Wars? | Digital Trends Spanish

The new Star Wars trilogy could have been very different from being directed by George Lucas. In fact, in these latest films starring Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley, very different characters could have been seen. Fortunately, now we can know what were the plans that the iconic director had for the call Skywalker Saga, before leaving the saga in the hands of Disney. An excerpt from the book was recently released The Star Wars Archives 1999-2005 which presents a better overview of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. In the text, which has not yet been officially published, it is proposed that Lucas intended Leia to be the protagonist of the new films, although in these same installments Luke would also have played a key role. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, and George Lucas. Disney Meanwhile, as ...
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LEGO has possibly made the best set about Star Wars | Digital Trends Spanish

Every fan of Star wars He prides himself in such a way that he knows that the most important scene in the entire saga is the moment when Darth Vader duels with Luke Skywalker in the cloud city of Bespin and confesses that he is his father. That is exactly what he is promoting LEGO to celebrate 40 years of The Empire Strikes Back, for many, the best movie in galactic history. It turns out that friends of Toys R Us Canada They released a preview of what this set looks like, which perfectly reconstructs the moment when Luke will be stunned by the revelation and without a hand. Previous Following one of 5 ...