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Follow these simple steps to convert M4A files to MP3 | Digital Trends Spanish

If you have ever downloaded songs from iTunes or Apple Music, surely you already know the M4A format ... and you also know its limitations. Although these types of files can certainly be convenient, when talking about compatibility with music players they are not exactly the most versatile format. That is why it may interest you to know how to convert M4A files to MP3. You will be interested in: Step 1: select an M4A file Go to the main page of Cloud Convert, click the gray button Select Files and then select the M4A file you want to convert. Alternatively, click and drag the file you want to convert from your saved location into the site's conversion window. Clicking the Select Files button directly will open a view of your system's File Explorer, from which you can select your file...
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The best alternatives to iTunes for Mac, free and paid | Digital Trends Spanish

iTunes was part of a whole generation that used it to listen to their favorite music. From collecting your tracks to creating playlists and filling up your MP3 player, the app has included several useful functions. However, Apple has started phasing it out of its MacOS Catalina products, replacing it with its own dedicated apps for music, TV and podcasts, which is but a reflection of modern content consumption trends. But if you don't like using Apple's multimedia applications, there are alternatives to iTunes to consider. In fact, you can go for our favorite iTunes alternative: VOX: MP3 & FLAC Music Player. Its free version has many of the features you want in a music player and media manager: a sleek interface, high-resolution audio, and support for a variety of audio source...