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MacBook Air

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Mac Mini vs. MacBook Air: a duel beyond the differences | Digital Trends Spanish

We are going to present you the comparison Mac Mini vs. MacBook Air, a duel between two flagship Apple computers that offer great features and a lot of power, but are also very different. We are going to analyze all its characteristics so that in the end you can decide which is the best for you. You will be interested in: Mac Mini vs. MacBook Air Design Both the Mac Mini and MacBook Air are built on the design of their predecessors. Both are exceptionally well built, with sturdy chassis that won't creak or bend. The Mac Mini is built on a thin slab with an incredibly discreet metal casing. That allows it to be transformed into an attractive piece for your office, or easily hidden under a monitor or desk. Since it is very small, you can place it where you want the monitor cables t...
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We compare Mac Mini vs. iMac: different, but with much to contribute | Digital Trends Spanish

If you are looking for an Apple computer, there are many different options to choose from: iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, even the new iPad Pro. However, if it is a desktop computer you need, the two obvious options are: Mac mini and iMac. As always, your choice should be based on your needs and the work to be done, and that is why we help you here with the configurations and prices of both Apple computers. We face the Mac Mini vs. iMac, taking into account features like design, performance, and our overall impressions. We will help you decide which configuration is right for you. We probably never would have compared these two computers in the past, but thanks to the price increase of the new Mac mini and the upgrade to the 8th Gen Intel processors in the iMac, th...
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These are the best MacBook you can buy | Digital Trends Spanish

You already realized that the MacBook is an amazing computer, and you have decided to get yours. But now which MacBook do you need? The decision might not be as easy as one would think. After months of speculation, Apple released the MacBook Pro 16 in November 2019, phasing out the 15-inch model. But with the available MacBook Pro 13 and a completely redesigned MacBook Air, it's harder than ever to know which are the best MacBooks you can buy. As the laptop market is facing stiff competition, this guide should help you choose in the Apple environment. And if you're interested in other laptops, here's a guide to the best laptops available. Riley Young / Digital Trends Choices Here are the three MacBook models available today, all of which come in different screen si...
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We compare the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: this was the result | Digital Trends Spanish

If your laptop is called a MacBook, you can be sure that you have a quality device. However, when you search you may find yourself faced with a dilemma: there are MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. They sound almost the same! In fact, despite their similarities (they both offer Retina displays and even have a similar price range, for example), these two Apple laptops have some major differences in terms of their specifications and features, and after the update of the 2020 MacBook Air, its "rivalry" with the 13-inch MacBook Pro turned into a somewhat more complex affair. However, the balance tips in favor of one. In this guide, we pit ourselves against the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro to see which is the best computer, although in the latter range you even find ...