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Apple patents removable key usable as a mouse | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple is investigating a way to make the MacBook keyboard have a removable key that can be used as a mouse. At least that is what appears in a new patent application, which was detected by Patently apple. The application, which appeared today in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, is signed by Apple architect and designer, Paul X. Wang, who previously registered a proposal to develop glass keys. The document shows a standard Macbook scissor keyboard that has a removable hidden key, which would contain a position sensor that would allow it to be used as a pointer. It would be a structure that would allow "convenient, portable and accurate pointer input." Patently appleApple also outlined some mechanical systems to give an idea of ​​how this system might work: sliding a key o...
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You can get 3 months of Apple TV Plus for free when you buy select Apple devices, or 6 months for free if you own a PS5

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Apple TV Plus normally costs $5 a month, but you can get three months for free when you purchase and activate an eligible Apple product. Apple TV Plus is home to a growing library of exclusive series, including the Emmy-nominated comedy "Ted Lasso" and the do...
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How to change the battery of the MacBook Pro | Digital Trends Spanish

A common problem that many MacBook Pro owners run into once they have had their laptop for a few years is that the battery begins to fail. Sometimes it seems like your laptop needs to charge all the time, or experiences random blackouts. Before you replace the entire kit, it may be a lot easier for your wallet to change the battery in your MacBook Pro. There are several options for doing so, and we will tell you about them. Switching to a new battery isn't always as simple as changing batteries to a radio - it all depends on what type of MacBook Pro you have and exactly what the problem is. Integrated batteries (2009 and onwards) If you have a MacBook Pro from mid-2009 or later, the battery will be integrated and it is not recommended to try to replace it yourself as it is glued...
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These are the best MacBook you can buy | Digital Trends Spanish

You already realized that the MacBook is an amazing computer, and you have decided to get yours. But now which MacBook do you need? The decision might not be as easy as one would think. After months of speculation, Apple released the MacBook Pro 16 in November 2019, phasing out the 15-inch model. But with the available MacBook Pro 13 and a completely redesigned MacBook Air, it's harder than ever to know which are the best MacBooks you can buy. As the laptop market is facing stiff competition, this guide should help you choose in the Apple environment. And if you're interested in other laptops, here's a guide to the best laptops available. Riley Young / Digital Trends Choices Here are the three MacBook models available today, all of which come in different screen si...