Sunday, July 25

Madison Cawthorn

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GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn said offering vaccines door-to-door could lead to the government confiscating guns and bibles

Madison Cawthorn said door-to-door vaccines could lead to confiscating people's guns and bibles. The GOP lawmaker was speaking at a CPAC event in Dallas on Friday. Joe Biden said Tuesday door-to-door vaccines could improve vaccination rates as the Delta variant spreads. See more stories on Insider's business page. Rep. Madison Cawthorn said President Joe Biden's call to offer COVID-19 vaccines door-to-door could lead to the government taking people's guns and bibles.Cawthorn, a Republican from North Carolina, was speaking Friday during an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference event in Dallas, Texas, taking place...
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GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn enjoys making US history references but keeps getting the facts wrong

Rep. Madison Cawthorn misquoted one of the Founding Fathers during a Thursday speech. "It was Thomas Jefferson that said: 'Facts are stubborn things," Cawthorn said. Those are actually John Adams' words. This wasn't Cawthorn's first time misremembering US history. LoadingSomething is loading. ...