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Create the most complete map of human proteins using AI | Digital Trends Spanish

DeepMind, a research laboratory for Artificial Intelligence (AI), created the most comprehensive map of human proteins to date using AI. The firm is a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google's parent company, and some scientists already compare the potential impact of this work with the Human Genome Project. Importance Proteins are long, complex molecules that carry out various tasks in the body, from building tissues to fighting disease. According to the researchers, its purpose is dictated by its structure, which folds like origami into complex and irregular shapes. DeepMind.Understanding how it folds helps explain protein function, while helping scientists with various tasks, from fundamental research on how the body works to designing new drugs. Until now, determining the structure of a prot...
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This is the most depressing map you’ll see in a long time | Digital Trends Spanish

A Map It is truly depressing that was published in a scientific article published in the journal Cell, which accounts for all the emerging diseases in the world in addition to COVID-19. He Article in question is also co-written by the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci. Here in the publication it is summarized in this way what will happen to these diseases such as Malaria, Hepatitis or Hanta Virus. "The infectious diseases prevalent in humans and animals are caused by pathogens that once arose from other animal hosts. In addition to these established infections, new infectious diseases emerge periodically. In extreme cases they can cause pandemics like COVID-19; in other cases, dead-end infections or minor epidemics o...
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Waze Incorporated a Railroad Crossing Alert Worldwide | Digital Trends Spanish

Waze announced on Wednesday, August 12, that it implemented a new function that alerts users when they approach a railroad crossing or a train track. According to the platform, owned by Google, the new tool responds to the increase in the number of drivers on the streets, after the COVID-19 outbreak. Through a press release, it highlights that the decision to add rail crossing alerts to the map is in line with the recommendations issued by the United States Senate and by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, for their acronym in English), with the aim of reducing the number of deaths due to accidents at this type of crossing. Safety agencies say drivers are still confused when stopping near junctions, especially if they suffer from fatigue. Waze The...
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Harvard tells you how severe the pandemic is where you live | Digital Trends Spanish

The obvious and general recommendation is: stay home. Do not trip. However, if moving to another country is unavoidable, use caution, wear face masks and prevent yourself by consulting the risk map created by the Harvard Institute for Global Health. The map, made up of researchers and public health experts and made available to the public by Harvard University, offers a COVID-19 risk classification organized by country, with the colors green, yellow, orange and red. The risk map created by the Harvard Institute for Global Health. Harvard Institute for Global Health Risk levels are calculated depending on the number of new cases of the disease per 100.00 inhabitants. The green color indicates less than one case per 100,000 inhabitants; yellow, from one to nine cases;...