Monday, July 26


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What truck drivers really think about new federal regulations to crack down on drug use

We published a story about the federal government's new law to drug test truck drivers. The law has mostly caught marijuana users. We argued that it won't meaningfully boost safety on the road. Truck drivers shared in emails with Insider laying out what they think of the new rule. LoadingSomething is loading. A federal rule that went into eff...
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Check out the pitch decks that hot cannabis startups used to raise millions from top investors

Cannabis startups have raised millions over the past few years. Some companies focus on tech while others sell vapes or edibles. Here are 13 presentations that companies have used to win funding from investors. See more stories on Insider's business page. Legal cannabis is booming, and a wave of startups have raised millions from venture capital firms to tackle different parts of the industry.Cannabis could become a $100 billion industry in the US alone by the end of the decade, disrupting industries from alcohol to Big Pharma.But because of hurdles to investing in cannabis — namely, cannabis isn't yet legal federally — the competi...
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Biden said’the rules are the rules’ when asked about Sha’Carri Richardson’s suspension for marijuana use

President Joe Biden said "the rules are the rules" when asked if Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension was fair. But the president went on to question if the rules should remain that way. Richardson, 21, tested positive for THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, at the US Olympic Team Trials. LoadingSomething is loading. ...