Sunday, September 19

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Youtuber creates his own cardboard Mario Kart Arcade | Digital Trends Spanish

Nintendo Labo is a concept released by the Big N in 2018. They are construction kits with pre-cut cardboard pieces that can be transformed into toys and accessories for the Nintendo Switch. It is something similar to the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer that was launched in 2014, which was used by coupling it to a cell phone. On the Nintendo side, Labo's cardboard accessories - ranging from a piano to a motorcycle handlebar to a fishing pole - are used with the Joy-Con. The project is a bit forgotten, since in recent years Nintendo has not released anything under that concept. But youtuber called DanCreator, has developed its own cardboard device to play on the Switch in the purest Nintendo Labo style: a cabinet of Mario Kart Arcade. The creation of youtuber is a variation of ...
mario kart, Nintendo, nintendo switch, Noticias, Videojuegos

Mario Kart comes to life with this Nintendo game | Digital Trends Spanish

What many fans dreamed of is now true: the Mario Kart racing game is coming to life. This was announced this September 3 by Nintendo, as part of a series of surprises by the company to commemorate the 35 years of one of the most successful titles in all history. Is about Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a game that transforms the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite consoles into physical kart controls, in a particular mixture of augmented reality with the physical world. "The physical kart responds to movements in the game and in the real world, it stops when it hits an element and can be affected in different ways depending on the race," explained Nintendo. The game - which allows up to four users in local multiplayer mode - also comes equipped with real gantries, w...