Monday, July 26

Mark Bezos

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Blue Origin successfully achieves its long-awaited space trip | Digital Trends Spanish

There was much expectation around the first manned flight of the New Shepard of the Blue Origin company, by Jeff Bezos, this feeling increased after Richard Branson became the first owner of aerospace firms to travel to space. Fortunately for the former Amazon CEO, everything went according to schedule. He, along with his brother Mark, Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen managed to successfully travel to space aboard the New Shepard. The launch, as scheduled, occurred at 9 a.m. (Eastern Time). The official page of Blue origin carried out an extensive broadcast starting at 7:30 am. Capsule, touchdown! Welcome home to #NewShepard's first astronaut crew. A truly historic day. #NSFirstHumanFlight & mdash; Blue Origin (@blueorigin) July 20, 2021 Half an hour before takeoff, the crew members ...