Sunday, September 19

Mark Hamill

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Mark Hamill goes viral with a simple tweet | Digital Trends Spanish

A social network like Twitter has room for everything. For example, for one of your most prominent users to simply tweet his own name, get hundreds of thousands of likes and go viral. And yes, the above happened: Mark Hamill, aka the actor behind Luke Skywalker in Star wars. Over the past weekend, one person suggested to Mark Hamill that he tweet his own name, because that would surely bring him thousands of I like it. Said and done, Hamill posted the two words in question and got - very hopefully - a host of reactions: Mark Hamill & mdash; Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) September 5, 2021 Hamill's tweet garnered 34,300 retweets and 578,000 I like it, It talks about Hamill's popularity and also about the reaction that something as nonsensical as this generates i...
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Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart Encourage Uber Eats Advertising | Digital Trends Spanish

Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart have all become references for movie and science fiction fans. Both actors have achieved world fame having starred in classics like Star Wars and Star Trek, respectively, and today they continue to be recognized through different generations. They're more current than ever today, especially after they became the stars of a series of Uber Eats commercials. Uber Eats. In the commercials, the two appear as antagonists in a kind of abandoned shed, discussing everyday issues while waiting for their food orders to arrive. One of these topics is related to the correct pronunciation of the word "tomato”, Which is part of an old debate typical of the English language. Thus, both take sides from their country of origin. While Hamill defends an Ame...