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How much top tech companies pay marketers in the US

Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb have become top destinations for marketers. Insider analyzed public data to get a sense of what the industry is paying. Google paid a product marketer up to $315,000, for example, while Facebook paid about $222,000 for a similar role. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Netflix fires 3 senior marketing execs for secretly complaining about their company’s top brass over Slack, report says

Netflix has fired three senior executives within its film marketing team for airing complaints via private Slack messages about company leadership, The Hollywood Reporter reported Thursday.The executives, who accounted for around half of Netflix's staff at that level according to the publication, had also criticized their direct boss, Jonathan Helfgot, the VP of original film marketing, THR reported, which said that while Helfgot himself was reluctant, he ultimately gave in to pressure from more senior leadership to fire the three emp...
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Social audio marketing challenges for 2021

The excitement over social audio is palpable, judging by the number of companies building out apps or features to support it, and by the number of news reports and opinion columns covering it (our own "Clubhouse and Social Audio 2021"report included). But any marketer that's active in social media should weigh the drawbacks of entering social audio right now. Here are some key issues to consider before jumping on board. Social audio...
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Influencer marketing stats: How creators have impacted businesses in 2021

Nearly 68% of US marketers from companies with 100 or more employees will use influencer marketing in 2021. And influencer and other paid content will represent 20% of US agency and marketing professionals' digital ad budgets in 2021. Many marketers had long underestimated the value of creators in their marketing mix. That's no longer the case. Most brands today have incorporated influencer marketing into their media plans, and many intend to allocate even more funds to the tactic this year. ...
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Excellent CX requires proper organizational structure and team setup

Critical as it is, customer experience (CX) wouldn't offer competitive differentiation if every brand was successful at delivering strong CX—and sometimes companies can get in their own way. For one, many are organized in a product- or channel-centric way, hamstringing their ability to easily reorganize to foster good CX. Great customer experience (CX) leads customers to ...
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More than 40 free courses and certifications from Google | Digital Trends Spanish

In these times marked by teleworking and distance education, any platform that allows us to pass a course and obtain a free certification is welcome. It is a valuable tool in an increasingly tight job market. In the case of Google, their certifications are one of the most prestigious available for free. The good thing is that they can be taken by people of any age and their experience will help us continue to grow as professionals. One of the most attractive is the Google Ads certification, which Google provides to recognize a person as an expert in online advertising. This certification can be obtained through Skillshop, which is Google's online training program. Certification is completely free, lasts 75 minutes, and requires a score of 80 percent or higher to pass the assessment...