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Marvel comics

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The curious “Mexicanized” origin of Spider-Man | Digital Trends Spanish

It took 49 years for Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man, to meet his replacement, the African-American of Puerto Rican descent Miles Morales, who incidentally emerged from events as varied as the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States . But long before Miles Morales became the contemporary face of Spider-Man, nearly half a century ago, Peter Parker emerged for more banal issues, like creating a superhero who would connect with a teenage audience. The story is well known. After all, there are not a few popularity counts that place Spidey ahead or just behind Superman and Batman, who appeared some 30 years earlier. Marvel had heroes like the Human Torch and the patriotic Captain America, and while the comics were popular with young audiences, Stan Lee and Steve Di...
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The year 2020 explained with scenes from the Marvel movies | Digital Trends Spanish

This year 2020 has given for everything: memes, conspiracies, prophecies, videos, mockery, disputes ... that have plagued social networks and YouTube channels. But one video in particular - made by Supercuts Delight and posted by Gizmodo- wanted to compile the main world disasters that have taken place during this unfortunate year (which we hope will end soon). In it you can see misfortunes such as the refugee crisis, hurricanes, volcanoes, plagues of giant wasps, forest megafires and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic, but all using images from films from the Marvel Universe and with touches of tragicomedy. He even mentions the Black Lives Matter movement and the behavior of the American police. The video also makes a funny reference to the political disputes between D...