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This mask releases pure, filtered air all day | Digital Trends Spanish

With the coronavirus pandemic we got used to wearing masks. We have seen some simple models and others more sophisticated, which use technology for greater comfort and protection of the wearer. Biotlan just introduced a unique neck-strap device that provides a series of magnetic face shields and a personal supply of HEPA filtered and UV sterilized air. It is the Air-Ring, which is placed around the neck, and is held by two adjustable arms that rise to frame the face. Meanwhile, the air is introduced through the rear of the device through a mechanical blower, which sucks it in through a foam filter and a HEPA filter. The air is thus blown directly to the area of ​​the mouth and nose free of viruses, pathogens and different particles. The device also has a series of magnetic buttons near...
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This bat wears a mask for a particular reason | Digital Trends Spanish

This 2020, bats have become more popular and it is not only because of the next premiere of The batman (definitively postponed to 2022). This enigmatic animal has been associated with the genesis of the coronavirus, a pandemic that has the entire planet in check. We are constantly learning more about this creature that amazes us, and recently we have learned of a new species that can use a very appropriate "accessory" for these times. It's about the species Centurio senex, who uses a kind of mask on his face and whose main characteristics and behavior have been detailed in an observational study published in PLOS One. Preliminarily, the mask is thought to be part of a courtship ritual for males. This "accessory" would be incorporated into your face and would be made with excess sk...