Sunday, September 19

mayor garcetti

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Los Angeles is pushing forward with a new law that could displace unhoused people, despite the CDC’s warning that it could lead to more COVID-19 outbreaks

A new LA law barring sitting or sleeping in the public right-of-way took effect on September 3. The law, which was ruled "unconstitutional," also goes against CDC guidance. The agency warns "Clearing encampments ... increases the potential for infectious disease spread." LoadingSomething is loading. Los Angeles is moving ahead with a new law that homelessness advocates say c...
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Los Angeles City Council voted in favor of anti-homelessness ordinance that would impact roughly 40,000 unhoused Angelenos

The LA City Council passed an ordinance that would prohibit homeless encampments in some areas of the city. The measure restricts "sitting, lying, or sleeping or storing, using, maintaining, or placing personal property in the public right-of-way." The measure passed Wednesday in a 13-2 vote, but LA Mayor Garcetti still has the power to veto it. LoadingSomething is loading. ...