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‘Nobody wants to work anymore’: How a simple phrase became the oversimplified scapegoat for every problem plaguing the American labor market

On a recent trip to Pennsylvania, I heard the phrase "Nobody wants to work anymore" over and over. The phrase has become common since businesses began reopening fully this past spring. Like so many other memes in 2021, this one began on TikTok and quickly spread across the US. LoadingSomething is loading. Maybe you've seen it on a sign at your ...
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Elon Musk laughs at a meme about Jeff Bezos’ upcoming space flight, making fun of him for only touching the edge of space

Elon Musk commented "haha" on a meme about Jeff Bezos' upcoming space flight. The meme mocked Bezos' flight because it will be sub-orbital — it will only touch the edge of space. Musk has had a long-running rivalry with Bezos as the pair both own space exploration companies. See more stories on Insider's business page. Elon Musk enjoyed a meme on Saturday poking fun at Jeff Bezos' upcoming flight to the edge of space.Musk commented "haha" under a meme posted on Twitter about Bezos' flight. The meme shows Bezos talking to Musk about his flight, but with their faces superimposed onto Anakin Skywalker and Padme from "Star Wars: Episod...
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The year 2020 explained with scenes from the Marvel movies | Digital Trends Spanish

This year 2020 has given for everything: memes, conspiracies, prophecies, videos, mockery, disputes ... that have plagued social networks and YouTube channels. But one video in particular - made by Supercuts Delight and posted by Gizmodo- wanted to compile the main world disasters that have taken place during this unfortunate year (which we hope will end soon). In it you can see misfortunes such as the refugee crisis, hurricanes, volcanoes, plagues of giant wasps, forest megafires and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic, but all using images from films from the Marvel Universe and with touches of tragicomedy. He even mentions the Black Lives Matter movement and the behavior of the American police. The video also makes a funny reference to the political disputes between D...
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The best memes of September #AppleEvent | Digital Trends Spanish

Before, during and after an Apple presentation, there are a lot of expectations, both from its fans and those who are not users of its services. If it were football, it would surely be the team most hated by its rivals, which everyone would like to beat. Going back to technology, memes have become an ironic resource with which the detractors of the apple commune to express that the firm has, above all, a good advertising team, which can sell whatever is the most innovative in the world. After giving you all the details of what is presented this September 15, 2020, we leave you the best memes of #AppleEvent. Before #AppleEvent Why so elegant Homer?Aaa because today is the #AppleEvent boy - Love, Daniel  (@DannySpaceDude) September 15, 2020...