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The best RAM for PC you can buy in 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

Although there is a sweet spot when it comes to the magic number of RAM your computer should have, a higher amount will allow you to run demanding applications with ease, as well as making the experience feel faster overall. The best RAM for PC It can give you all the extra capacity and speed you need and upgrade your equipment in the process. You will be interested in: However, not all RAM kits are built equally. Differences in timing and speed can lead to better performance and stability, so it is a good idea to choose a reputable one over a cheap one. We have options for every type of computer and purpose, from one of the fastest DDR4 kits on the market to a kit that will cost you around $ 50. The best RAM for PC Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro LED 16 GB 3,200 MHz Why should you buy it...
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Alarming trend between digital natives and their IQ | Digital Trends Spanish

A recently published book in France warns about how digital devices are seriously affecting the neural development of children and young people. The text is called The digital cretin factory and it was written by Michel Desmurget, director of research at the French National Institute of Health. In an interview with the BBC, the author of the work, which has become a bestseller in his country, assures that today's young people are the first generation in history with a lower IQ than the previous one. “Researchers have observed in many parts of the world that IQ increased from generation to generation. This was called the 'Flynn effect', in reference to the American psychologist who described this phenomenon. But recently, this trend began to be reversed in several countries ”, say...
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This is RAM, this is how it works and this is what you need | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the first things you hear when looking for a new PC is the word "RAM." The random access memory, or RAM (for its acronym in English), is undoubtedly one of the key elements of a computer. But do you really know what it is, or how much RAM you need? Today's computers typically range from 4GB to 16GB or more. But the amount of RAM basically depends on two factors: what you want and how much you are willing to pay. In this article, we will focus on computers running desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS. How much RAM do you need? Bill Roberson / Digital Trends In a nutshell, here are some simple RAM guidelines that apply to most devices. 2 GB- Only found in budget tablet designs. It's fine for these devices, but you'll definitely want mo...