Tuesday, July 27


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WhatsApp multi-device is now available in beta version | Digital Trends Spanish

Mark Zuckerberg was in charge of offering the first details of the multi-device support of WhatsApp, anticipating that this feature would begin to reach the first users in a couple of months. Now, the multi-device mode of WhatsApp has begun to activate its early access through its beta; In this way, this long-awaited new feature finally begins to come true. To see if our device can test this function, we must go to Settings; Linked devices (or WhatsApp Web), and check if the new Multi-device beta option appears. This multi-device mode will allow us to link our cell phone with up to four additional devices (WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop or Portal), in order to continue communicating even if we have the phone turned off. It should be remembered that for now, in order to synchronize our...
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WhatsApp allows you to quickly delete repeated files | Digital Trends Spanish

It is possible that our phone has hundreds of images and GIFs that we have stored without realizing it, through our conversations on WhatsApp. It's normal, considering that we all like to have the latest trendy meme, the problem is that these files pile up and end up taking up (a lot) of space. Aware of this problem, WhatsApp has launched a function that allows you to delete content in a more practical and simple way. What is the function In the past, to delete multimedia files we had to select each one individually. Now, the application groups the heaviest ones that have been forwarded several times. In this way, we can permanently delete them more easily. Because, let's face it, it's very common to have the same GIF multiple times without even realizing it. Nor will it be nece...
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WhatsApp refines improvements for unlocking and group calls | Digital Trends Spanish

The WhatsApp messaging service is working on improvements to its biometric unlocking system that expand the alternatives available for its application on Android. WhatsApp allows you to configure a biometric system in order to unlock the application. While on iOS you can use both the fingerprint (TouchID) and facial recognition (Face ID), on Android at the moment there is only the first alternative. According to the portal WABetainfo, the beta version of this app shows that the company is already working on improvements for the unlock function, specifically, in providing options that go beyond the fingerprint. Thus, WhatsApp would allow the establishment of a biometric system other than the fingerprint. The measure would also be accompanied by a name change in the configuration set...
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Tencent is ahead of Trump and renames its WeChat application | Digital Trends Spanish

Chinese tech Tencent Holdings has changed the name of the WeChat Work app to WeCom, establishing it as an eventual alternative to its WeChat messaging app before it was banned from operation in the United States. As reported Reuters, Tencent registered the WeCom trademark on August 19 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Although Tencent has refused to comment, two sources within the company have indicated that WeCom would not fall within the prohibition that the United States will apply against WeChat as of September 20. The controversial measure also involves other Chinese technology companies and applications, which are considered by the executive as a threat to national security. WeChat is popularly referred to as a "super application", due to the large...
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WhatsApp will allow you to silence groups forever | Digital Trends Spanish

Silencing forever those pesky WhatsApp groups you never participate in can soon become a sweet reality. This was announced by the managers of the site WABetaInfo, who discovered that the messaging application is testing a beta version in which it includes an "Always muted" option for their chats. A news expected by millions of users on the planet. Currently, WhatsApp allows people to mute chats for eight hours, a week, or a year. The new feature, which is still under development, would replace the "One year" option. It is not yet known when it will be applied, because the testing process can take months. Its appearance in the latest beta version does not mean that the arrival to the general public is imminent. Aside from the "Always Mute" button, the Facebook-owned com...