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How to activate the emoji keyboard on iPhone in a simple way | Digital Trends Spanish

Smartphones revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, and an important element in this evolution is emojis. These symbols help us to accurately express what in the real world we usually transmit through non-verbal language: from joy or sadness to laughter, kisses, surprise and the occasional eschatological question. No matter what you have in mind, there is an emoji for that. Do you have an Apple phone? Learn how to activate the emoji keyboard on iPhone and let the dolls speak for you. You will be interested in: How to activate the emoji keyboard on iPhone If you are preparing to debut with the emojis on your iPhone, it's easy to get started. All you have to do is make sure you have the emoji font turned on. You'll know if it is because your keyboard will clearly di...
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WhatsApp multi-device is now available in beta version | Digital Trends Spanish

Mark Zuckerberg was in charge of offering the first details of the multi-device support of WhatsApp, anticipating that this feature would begin to reach the first users in a couple of months. Now, the multi-device mode of WhatsApp has begun to activate its early access through its beta; In this way, this long-awaited new feature finally begins to come true. To see if our device can test this function, we must go to Settings; Linked devices (or WhatsApp Web), and check if the new Multi-device beta option appears. This multi-device mode will allow us to link our cell phone with up to four additional devices (WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop or Portal), in order to continue communicating even if we have the phone turned off. It should be remembered that for now, in order to synchronize our...
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How to recover deleted messages on an iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

The mysterious circumstances of his disappearance do not matter; it is almost always possible to recover deleted messages on an iPhone. How? The device saves all text message, MMS and iMessage data in a SQLite database, an open source utility back end built into all phones, most computers, and many applications. When you delete a message, the occupied space is transformed from Assigned to Not assigned, while the message data still remains there to be eventually overwritten by new messages that emerge over time. Before the new data overwrites the old, it is possible to recover those messages. The first thing you should do is stop sending messages until you recover these lost messages. There are several ways to recover missing messages, depending on how you back up your iPhone: with i...
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WhatsApp allows you to quickly delete repeated files | Digital Trends Spanish

It is possible that our phone has hundreds of images and GIFs that we have stored without realizing it, through our conversations on WhatsApp. It's normal, considering that we all like to have the latest trendy meme, the problem is that these files pile up and end up taking up (a lot) of space. Aware of this problem, WhatsApp has launched a function that allows you to delete content in a more practical and simple way. What is the function In the past, to delete multimedia files we had to select each one individually. Now, the application groups the heaviest ones that have been forwarded several times. In this way, we can permanently delete them more easily. Because, let's face it, it's very common to have the same GIF multiple times without even realizing it. Nor will it be nece...