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The Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept anticipates a bright future | Digital Trends Spanish

The Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept which just debuted at the Munich auto show makes no effort to hide the fact that it is a slightly disguised concept version of an eventual production car. The vehicle he pretends to hide is the SUV that will take the legendary Mercedes-Benz Gelänwagen into the age of electric cars: the off-road that will be known by the name Mercedes-Benz EQG, sometime during the current decade. This is excellent news for the growing number of believers in the religion of electric vehicles since, apart from the fact that you will not have to use your imagination to visualize what the first electric G-Class in history would look like, the passage of the Gelänwagen to the world of electric cars gives a lot of credibility to the technology and validity to its viability as an ...
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The new Mercedes-Benz will warn of dangers on the road | Digital Trends Spanish

Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled an ingenious application of communications technology Car-to-X (Auto-AX), which can alert vehicle users to dangerous road imperfections. It will be available immediately in the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, S-Class and EQS, which will be able to detect these imperfections when the sudden compression and rebound of the suspension reach a certain value that indicates, through an algorithm, that the car has just passed over a potentially dangerous pavement imperfection, such as a pothole or speed bump. At that time, the vehicles as long as they have the communication service Car-to-X active, they send the information to the Mercedes-Benz Cloud in real time via the car's mobile phone network. The central system of Mercedes-Benz informs other vehicles of the bra...
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The three Mercedes that will electrify the Munich Auto Show | Digital Trends Spanish

The rollout of the Mercedes-Benz family of electric vehicles will continue when the manufacturer reveals two production battery electric models, next September at the Munich Motor Show, or IAA 2021, which is how it will be from now on. known the marathon motor show that was held in the city of Frankfort between 1951 and 2019. The first one will be the brand new one Mercedes-Benz EQE. A mid-size battery-electric sedan that will take the same place as the midsize E-Class in the Mercedes-Benz gasoline model ranks. The manufacturer even provided us with a series of intriguing images that despite intense shadow play reveal the same smooth, continuous lines of the larger EQS and an uninterrupted rear optical assembly as it travels between the sides of the vehicle. The intriguing image of th...
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Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 53: dreams of opulence | Digital Trends Spanish

Previous Following one of 7 When I write articles about my impressions of a vehicle, I usually reveal the price last. But this time, the cost is so exorbitant that we are going to start this article by mentioning that the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 53 that we handle costs a total of $ 131,295. This final cost includes some options and the same car without this additional equipment has a base price of $ 99,950. In both cases, it is an exorbitant value. Two things that don't come in most cars today are fragrances and massages. Just as you read it: the AMG GT 53 has a fragrance option that is distributed th...
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Reference: Mercedes launched the new generation of the S-Class | Digital Trends Spanish

At an event broadcast from the Sindelfingen, Germany factory, Mercedes-Benz presented the 11th generation of its flagship, the S-Class, on Wednesday 2 September. So important is the luxury model to the company that the CEO of the German brand, Ola Källenius, referred to it during the event as the “heart of our brand”. The new generation of the S-Class comes in two sizes. The largest measures 5,289mm long, 2,109mm wide and 1,503mm high. For its part, the short S-Class comes in a length of 5,179 mm. With regard to engines, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class offers an extensive list of V6 gasoline and diesel engines. The range of gasoline engines is made up of 2.9-liter versions of 367 and 435 hp, both with rear-wheel drive As for diesels, the offering begins with the 2.9-li...