Tuesday, September 28

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This was the reunion of the actors of Back to the Future | Digital Trends Spanish

Back to the Future (Return to the future in Latin America) is one of the most iconic science fiction films of the eighties. Due to its popularity, the film has become a reference for a whole generation and currently has a significant number of followers who are always on the lookout for any news that arises around this story. Those same fans have now witnessed the long-awaited reunion between its two protagonists, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Back Again! @realmikefox @DocBrownLloyd pic.twitter.com/Hhihq3u3BC & mdash; Amblin Road (@AmblinRoad) August 22, 2021 Both actors have met 36 years after the premiere of the first film. The occasion was during the culture convention for Awesome Con, which was held recently in Washington. Those who attended the event had the opportunity ...