Monday, July 26

microlente gravitacional

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Kepler Telescope Detects Four New Rogue Planets | Digital Trends Spanish

Thanks to the now retired Kepler telescope, a series of rogue planets have been discovered that float through space without rotating around any stars. These planets are located near the center of the Milky Way and were discovered using data obtained by the telescope. There are four planets in total and the information obtained revealed that they have a mass similar to that of Earth. According to what was published in PhysThese planets may have been part of a system around a star until they were expelled from it by the gravity of other larger bodies. Now, one of the biggest curiosities has to do with the way these planets were discovered. NASA Ames / SETI Institute / JPL-CaltechIn this case, the existence of the bodies was detected thanks to what is called gravitational microlensing, a...