Tuesday, September 28


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This is the strange organism that will live on the ISS | Digital Trends Spanish

The International Space Station (ISS) is getting ready to receive a new and unique crew member. Its about Physarum polycephalum, popularly known as "blob", a strange organism, difficult to classify that arouses the fascination of scientists. The organism will enter orbit to be analyzed as part of an educational experiment led by astronaut Thomas Pesquet. The Physarum polycephalum appeared on Earth more than 500 million years ago. Since it was discovered, it has been difficult for scientists to classify as it lacks a mouth, legs, and brain, but is capable of eating, growing, moving, and even learning. It was originally considered a fungus, but in the 1990s it left that grouping to be included along with the amoebozoans, of which the amoebas are also part. The experiments carried out on...