Sunday, September 19


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US autonomous ships already fire missiles | Digital Trends Spanish

America is preparing for the war of the future. Recently, the Department of Defense has shared a registry with part of the maritime vehicles that will be the protagonists of the warlike conflicts of the future. It is one of the nation's experimental robot ships, a USV Ranger, which does not require a human crew. In the video, the ship is seen launching a missile for the first time, an SM-6 weighing 1,500 kilograms, capable of traveling at Mach 3.5 and a range exceeding 240 kilometers. While this vessel is capable of unmanned navigation, target selection and firing order must be controlled by one person, per United States law. This launch test is part of the Ghost Fleet Overlord program which is aimed at the development of autonomous ships The tests remain active since 2017 and have foc...