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They confirm that Mars has a liquid and metallic nucleus | Digital Trends Spanish

The seismic signals recorded on Mars by NASA's InSight mission confirmed that the planet has a liquid and metallic core. An international study has also shown the size of the nucleus, the structure of the crust and the mantle of the red planet. Thus, the study of the signals of a dozen marsquakes recorded by an ultrasensitive seismometer deployed by NASA made it possible to determine the internal structure of Mars. According to the study, the planet's liquid core would have a radius of about 1,830 kilometers. According to the researchers, this size suggests the presence of light elements, such as sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen. While the interior of the core could be made up mainly of iron and nickel. “This work provides the first direct measurements of the inner layers of another planet...
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Aldrin’s helmet allows him to reconstruct what he saw on the Moon | Digital Trends Spanish

It is one of the most remembered images of the Apollo 11 mission. It was taken by Neil Armstrong and shows Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the Moon. Now, an artist managed to recreate what the astronaut was seeing at that time through the reflection in Aldrin's helmet. Michael Ranger is a visual effects artist and Reddit user. It was precisely on this platform that the professional published a 360-degree panorama from the astronaut's point of view. “What makes this process exciting for me is the fact that it is real. If I have any indication that something like this is false, my interest in it completely evaporates. This is great because it's real! ”Ranger explains. POT.The iconic image was taken in July 1969. It shows Aldrin standing next to the leg of the lunar module. In the recrea...
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This is the time capsule that NASA will send into space | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of NASA engineers installed a time capsule on the Lucy spacecraft so that future space archaeologists can decipher the messages within it. The plaque includes speeches by various Nobel laureates to a description of the configuration of the solar system. The spacecraft will be launched on October 16 and will remain within the solar system so that future humans can retrieve it. For now, the final preparations are being made to get it ready. NASA rendering of Lucy in space. POT.The content of the messages covers topics such as eternity, cultural memory and hope, in addition to including quotes from great celebrities such as Martin Luther King, the poets Orhan Pamuk, Louise Glück, Amanda Gorman, Joy Harjo and Rita Dove; and from scientists like Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan. Also...
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China recreates Mars with a camp in the middle of the desert | Digital Trends Spanish

China has taken space exploration seriously. The Asian giant has just sent its Tianwen-1 mission to Mars, in addition to building its own space station. In the case of the red planet, since 2019 the country has a camp that simulates the environmental conditions of Mars. This project is located in the middle of the desert, in Qinghai province, in the northwest of the country. This area was chosen by the authorities due to its desert landscape, the abundant presence of rocks and its temperature that can be similar to that of the neighboring planet of the Earth. This field covers an area of ​​702 hectares and can host 160 people at the same time, according to South China Morning Post. The complex can house tourists and scientists who use the facilities to carry out preparatory work for e...
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This was the descent of OSIRIS-REx on the asteroid Bennu | Digital Trends Spanish

It was a maneuver as singular as it was risky, which fortunately we were able to follow live on the internet. This Tuesday, October 20, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft descended on the asteroid Bennu, which is currently more than 300 million kilometers from Earth. The mission was to collect samples of the asteroid, which may become a threat to Earth for the next century, according to astronomers. In fact, it is believed to have a one in 2,700 chance of hitting Earth during one of its approaches by the end of the next century. The collection was also intended to find more information about Bennu, which is considered a relic of the Solar System, and can yield data on the molecular precursors of life on our planet. For this reason, it was a transcendental mission which could be observed ...