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Twitter Announces Safe Mode to Avoid Toxic Comments | Digital Trends Spanish

Anyone who has entered Twitter can confirm that, several times, the posts there end in long discussions with many people insulting each other. The company is aware of this problem, so now it wants to take charge. That is why Twitter has announced a new feature for its platform: Safe Mode, which aims to improve the user experience and reduce “unwanted interactions”. Introducing Safety Mode. A new way to limit unwelcome interactions on Twitter. & mdash; Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) September 1, 2021 What Safe Mode allows you to do is block accounts that use “potentially harmful language, such as insults or hateful expressions,” or post repetitive and unwanted responses or mentions for seven days. When the feature is activated (through settings), the platf...
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How to start Windows 11 in safe mode | Digital Trends Spanish

If you are looking to troubleshoot your new installation of Windows 11, a good idea is to learn how to start Windows 11 in safe mode. It is a way to open a limited version of your operating system in which not all the drivers or all the functions that your computer normally uses are loaded, thus facilitating the solution of any detail you have. You will be interested in: The different safe modes Before we go on to explain how to enter Safe Mode, we just want to touch on the 3 existing versions of diagnostic mode in Windows 11. Each of them can be used for different purposes and we explain it below. Safe Mode: This is the mode most people will use. This disables all additional programs and features in Windows 11 and will only give you access to a basic desktop experience so you can acc...
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Why was the Hubble computer in safe mode? | Digital Trends Spanish

A computer failure is the one that caused a setback in the hubble space telescope on June 13. According to NASA, the payload computer suffered a setback and had trouble accessing the backups. “Scientific instruments will remain in a safe mode state until the problem is resolved. The telescope itself and the scientific instruments remain in good health, "said the US Space Agency. The chronology of the POT indicates that on June 13 the computer stopped and on June 14 after trying to restart the computer, an error was caused that led to activate the safe mode. The payload computer is a NASA Standard Spacecraft Computer-1 (NSSC-1) system built in the 1980s that is housed in the Data Management and Scientific Instruments Command unit. The purpose of the computer is to control and coordina...
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We explain how to activate safe mode in Android | Digital Trends Spanish

Safe mode for Android phones is an easy way to troubleshoot your device. True, manufacturers strive to create the perfect team, but experience has taught us that absolutely no phone, neither the latest nor the newest, is free from flaws, and sooner or later the safe mode could be useful to identify the origin of a problem with your computer. If your device has overheated, unloaded or is not working properly, but does not have these problems in safe mode, then you can corroborate that an application that you installed could be responsible. If you do not know how to activate the safe mode on Android, here we explain all the details so that you can solve your difficulties. How to enable safe mode on a standard Android device If you have a Samsung Galaxy S20, a Google ...