Saturday, July 31


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What is Minecraft? Everything you need to know about this hit game | Digital Trends Spanish

The game has evolved so much since its inception over a decade ago that trying to define it can be tricky; what it is Minecraft today could feel like a totally different game than it was then. However, in essence it retains its spirit - it is an action-adventure title that offers players a boundless world that they can explore to their heart's content. The game offers much more than meets the eye and its blocky appearance makes it seem like a deceptively simple adventure. If you've never played it - or if you're thinking of coming back after a long hiatus - you'll be impressed by how much it has to offer and the kind of game it has become. You will be interested in: First thing: how does it differ from Minecraft Dungeons? In May 2020 it hit the market Minecraft Dungeons, a video game...