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Samsung Launches Its Giant Thousand Inch Micro LED Screen | Digital Trends Spanish

Over time, The Wall has become something of a Samsung identity trait. An ambitious bet that includes televisions of proportions that exceed the traditional ones and with more sophisticated technology. Now, the company has just released The Wall 2021, a giant thousand-inch Micro LED display. According to the company, it is a wide canvas that is used to reproduce different audiovisual content. In a release Press release, Samsung indicates that this TV features new artificial intelligence processing technology, improved 120Hz frame rate, and versatile installation options. Thus, The Wall is a useful technology to offer companies "unlimited flexibility" when displaying different content. Samsung"Samsung is dedicated to creating the most innovative displays for those at the forefront of vi...
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We tell you here which are the best wallpapers for two monitors

An easy and effective way to improve the look of your workplace is to use an attractive, high-quality wallpaper. But what if you are working with two monitors? Finding the perfect tapestry can be tricky. Fortunately there is a variety of options, from modern designs to artistic images, of wallpapers for two monitors. These are our favorites. freestocker / 123RF And if you wonder how to make these funds work on your computer, check out the application Wallpaper Engine, which will give you control over the appearance of your desktop. Whether you opt for static images, animated backgrounds, or even interactive games extended to your dual screens, it is one of the best management systems for wallpapers. OUR FAVORITE WallpaperFusion WallpaperFusion it's fast and it's p...
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The best accessories for your laptop | Digital Trends Spanish

Without a doubt, laptops offer a complete user experience: you don't need anything else. However, you can always find various "accessories", from a mouse to an external monitor, with the idea of ​​making the most productive work or the most enriching entertainment experience. and so you don't waste time looking, we present below the best accessories for your laptop that you can buy right now. Webcam If you are already considering a monitor, mouse and additional keyboard for your laptop, then also a camera Web It will be among your options, as it will give you more flexibility than your computer. The fact that you can move it around the desktop really makes a difference. But which one to choose? Here you can find some good alternatives for video conferencing and str...
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How to calibrate your computer monitor in a few steps | Digital Trends Spanish

If you're a photographer, designer, or video-maker, having a screen full of vivid colors and incredible levels of black at the right point is more than a whim: it's a necessity. Unfortunately, the image quality of your monitor may decrease over time. If your desktop or laptop PC isn't looking the way it should, it may be time to learn how to calibrate your computer monitor. Not only will it be more pleasant, but the health of your eyes will improve. You might also be interested Manufacturers continue to produce displays with new technologies such as 4K UHD resolution, high dynamic range (HDR) and curved monitors, which provide real pleasure, but only if they are properly calibrated. To do this, you can either take your monitor to a professional or calibrate it your...