Tuesday, September 28


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Why isn’t the original Morpheus in The Matrix 4? | Digital Trends Spanish

The first trailer of The Matrix Resurrections It has generated all kinds of reactions. On the one hand, fans are eager to revisit the universe more than two decades after its original release; On the other hand, the absence of Laurence Fishburne in the role of Morpheus raises more doubts than certainties: does the character remain, now played by another actor? Or will it just be absent? The answer is neither easy nor straightforward, but there is an important antecedent worth considering that most people don't know about: in the universe of The Matrix, the original Morpheus is dead. And this was not seen in the movie trilogy, but in a video game born in 2005 under the name of The Matrix Online. What game was The Matrix Online? Produced by Warner Bros. and developed by Monolith Prod...