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Solo: the electric vehicle designed for micro mobility | Digital Trends Spanish

The Canadian company ElectraMeccanica presented its first electric vehicle. It is Solo, a small model with three wheels and a single seat, designed for urban mobility where spaces are increasingly reduced. The structure of this vehicle was supported by figures that indicate that, in at least 80 percent of cases, the car is only occupied by those who drive it. This electric car will be unveiled at a special event that will take place on October 4 in Los Angeles. The small car is powered by a 53 hp electric motor and, thanks to the 17.30 kWh lithium battery that recharges in less than three hours, it is capable of traveling about 160 kilometers on a single charge, reaching a maximum speed of 129 km / h. The equipment also includes power steering, power brakes, air conditioning and roll b...
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Apple: traveling by motorcycle could damage the iPhone camera | Digital Trends Spanish

Through a new support document, Apple has warned that motorcycle trips could affect the camera of our iPhone. According to what the company pointed out, the elements that could suffer damage would be the optical image stabilization (OIS), which allows you to take sharp photos even if the camera is not completely stable, in addition to the automatic focus (AF). According to the technology firm, in both cases "direct long-term exposure to high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges can degrade performance." Regarding motorcycles, Apple explains that "high-powered engines generate intense, high-amplitude vibrations, which are transmitted through the chassis and handlebars." For this reason, the apple company advises not to connect the device directly attached to the high-disp...
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This electric bike motor eliminates the chain | Digital Trends Spanish

The German company Schaeffler has just launched its innovative Free Drive system for pedal-assisted electric bicycles. Thanks to this system, it would not be necessary to use a chain or strap between the pedals and the wheel hub (also known as the hub). The system consists of two electric machines, a generator and a motor, connected by a cable, which is responsible for sending the energy created by the cyclist while pedaling. Basically, what this electrical machine does is transform mechanical energy into electrical energy, this reaches a second device installed in the rear wheel, where this energy is now converted into mechanical energy, which is used to drive the bicycle. In this way, the innovative system makes it possible to eliminate the crown of the chainring on the pedals, the ch...
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No more new combustion engine cars in Canada | Digital Trends Spanish

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this week that Canada prohibit the sale of new vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines beginning in 2035, with the goal of reaching net zero emissions nationwide by 2050. With this announcement, the government of Canada joins the growing number of governments, national, state, and even city dwellers that have set an expiration date to the arrival in its territory of new vehicles equipped with polluting engines that use fossil fuels as an energy source. As in any government announcement, you have to read the fine print to understand the dimension of the issue. The ban does not cover all types of vehicles with polluting engines, but covers all passenger cars and light-duty pickup trucks such as the Ram pickup line and the Ford F...
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Does the Check Engine light come on in your car? These may be the reasons | Digital Trends Spanish

That little light with the orange engine-shaped icon that appears on the dashboard of your car may be annoying, but do not ignore it: it is a sign that something is not quite right. If you leave it for too long, your car could leave you stranded at any moment. If you see the check engine light come on and you have no idea why… keep reading. And it is that this light warns of problems ranging from a gas tank cap that is not properly closed (or not closed at all) to more serious failures, such as a malfunction of the catalytic converter or problems with one of the car's oxygen sensors . Oxygen sensor failure The oxygen sensor (sometimes called O2 sensor) measures the amount of unburned oxygen in a car's exhaust system. The sensor sends this data to the vehicle's compu...