Thursday, July 29

National Debt

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Janet Yellen says Treasury is prepared to pay the US’s bills to prevent’irreparable harm’ to the economy as GOP balks at raising debt ceiling

Yellen said Treasury is prepared to pay off the country's bills starting August 2. It comes as McConnell opposes raising the debt ceiling without political concessions. Yellen said even the threat of a default risks major damage to the US economy. LoadingSomething is loading. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sent a letter to Congress urging lawm...
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Democrats slam Mitch McConnell for taking economy’hostage’ by rallying GOP against extending US’s ability to pay its bills on time

Democrats assailed Mitch McConnell for trying to rally Republicans against raising the debt ceiling. "He's not going to be able to hold the economy hostage," a top Democrat said Wednesday. Republicans had previously backed raising the debt ceiling under Trump. LoadingSomething is loading. Congressional Democrats slammed Senate Minority Leader M...
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Joe Manchin doubles down on refusing to add to the deficit to fund a Democrat-only infrastructure plan

Manchin doubled down on his insistence to fully finance a Democrat-only infrastructure package. "I think we've put enough free money out," he said, citing the federal response to the pandemic. Manchin's support is critical for Democrats in an evenly-divided Senate. ISee more stories on Insider's business page. Sen. Joe Manchin is ruling out borrowing money to finance a party-line infrastructure package as Senate Democrats deliberate the range of tax increases that would be needed to pay for President Joe Biden's agenda.'I think everything should be paid for now," he told reporters. "I think we've put enough free money out."Manchin ...
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Bernie Sanders said he’d oppose a $3 trillion Democrat-only infrastructure plan since it’s’much too low,’ potentially setting up spending showdown with Manchin

Sanders ruled out backing a Democrat-only infrastructure plan below $3 trillion. "That's much too low," he told New York Times opinion columnist Maureen Dowd. It may set up a confrontation with centrists like Joe Manchin, who favor a smaller plan. See more stories on Insider's business page. Sen. Bernie Sanders indicated that he would oppose a Democrat-only spending bill if its price tag didn't top $3 trillion, brushing anything lower as too meager. It may set the stage for a confrontation between Sanders and moderate Democrats looking to restrain the size of a follow-up package.In an interview with New York Times opinion columnist...
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THE 600-WORD INTERVIEW: Anti-Trump House Republican Adam Kinzinger on his uncertain political future and his appetite for a’$1 kajillion’ bill

Rep. Adam Kinzinger is one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after the January 6 riot. We talked national debt, Republicans in Congress who secretly loathe Trump, and his political future. He called me from the Capitol. Our conversation was condensed and edited for clarity. See more stories on Insider's business page. Why should Republican primary voters support you when you oppose so much of what they believe in?We have a decision to make as a party: Do we want to go down the road of conspiracy and lies, or do we want to get back to telling the truth?If we want to be a party that lasts, that can compete nationally...