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These are the best photos of the year taken by drones | Digital Trends Spanish

The use of drones is becoming more popular and thanks to these unmanned aerial devices, we have enjoyed some of the most spectacular views of nature. In fact, for some years a contest has been held that awards the best photographs taken by these aircraft. This is the Drone Photo Awards, which this week announced the winners of its fourth version. Some of the categories that this competition includes are people, nature, life saves and abstract. The first place for this remake went to Terje Kolaas for a stunning photograph of pink legged geese migrating to their breeding grounds in the Arctic. "The unique nature of photography, taken from a perspective that could only be taken by a drone, highlights the increasingly experimental trends in drone photography," notes a description of the im...
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The places on Earth that seem taken from another planet | Digital Trends Spanish

The images of outer space that arrive thanks to the work of gigantic telescopes and probes that move towards the ends of the universe usually surprise us. However, sometimes they also prevent us from appreciating closer places that are just as or more amazing. To do some justice, we have compiled some of the wonders of Earth that appear to have been taken from another planet. You will be interested in: Places on Earth taken from another planet Place Location Richat structure Mauritanian Well of Darvaza Turkmenistan Dallol crater Ethiopia White Waterfall of Pamukkale Turkey Waitomo Caves (Glowworm Caves) Waitomo, New Zealand Tsingy Madagascar Grand Prismatic Spring / Grand Prismatic Spring USA Grotto of Sơn Đoòng Vietnam Lençóis Maranhenses Maranhão, Brazil Salar de Uyuni Uyuni, Bolivi...
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Austrian cockatoos learn to open garbage containers | Digital Trends Spanish

Cockatoos have gone from being birds that inhabit forests and mangroves to becoming all survivors of the big city. So much so, that these animals have learned a very human and complex gesture to perform for their anatomy, for the sake of their own survival. According to a study published in the journal Science Led by Barbara Klump and Lucy Aplin (of the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior), along with John Martin (Taronga Conservation Society) and Richard Major (Australian Museum), cockatoos have acquired the ability to lift the lids of containers of garbage feed. But the most striking thing about the study is that these animals learn from each other to perform this gesture, a very unusual behavior in birds. The birds were recorded for several years and by checking the recordings,...
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This cockroach-inspired robot runs on water | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of researchers and developers from Israel has presented a novel robot whose design and characteristics are inspired by nature. It is AmphiSTAR, an amphibious robot capable of running at high speed on water in addition to swimming. According to its designers, it also copes quite well on other types of terrain, including the most difficult. The making of this prototype has been inspired by cockroaches and lizards and was presented virtually at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). The AmphiSTAR is the size of the palm of your hand. It has wheels and is equipped with four propellers that can be tilted during the expansion mechanism. The propellers also act as wheels on the ground and as fins capable of propelling the robot over the water. As ...
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Mites are dying out and that’s a serious problem | Digital Trends Spanish

Carpets, fabrics, bedding, mattresses and pillows are some of the favorite places of the mites, this subspecies of arachnid that feed on organic matter or dead cells of the body. Their presence is important, as they help improve the ecosystem and maintain a proper balance in nature. The first world study on the biodiversity of mites was carried out by the Dr. Greg Sullivan of the University of Queensland in Australia and his colleague Dr Sebahat K. Ozman-Sullivan, who collected data showing the ongoing extinction of an alarming number of them, at a rate of a thousand times their usual death. “Mites are fundamental to the ecosystems of the entire planet; some provide essential ecosystem services, such as incorporation of organic matter into the soil, ”said Dr. Sulliva...
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Scientists warn: parasites must be saved | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of scientists from the University of Washington wrote an article in the magazine Science direct that they described as urgent and that has as its purpose the rescue and conservation of parasites. Viewed as disgusting critters to some and bloodsucking to others, this group of animals is essential in keeping the chain of nature's ecosystem in harmony as they form vital symbiotic relationships with other species in the diet. "Parasites are an incredibly diverse group of species, but as a society, we do not recognize this biological diversity as valuable." says the ecologist Chelsea Wood of the University of Washington. "The goal of this article is to emphasize that we are losing parasites and the functions they perform without even acknowledging it." The authors r...