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Google Chrome: What it was like when it was launched 13 years ago | Digital Trends Spanish

On September 2, 2008, Google launched a product that sought to give a twist or a refresh to the way the internet was viewed until then: Google Chrome, for Windows XP. The first version of the Google Chrome browser was very simple and minimalist. But in addition, it was launched in beta format and was announced to the world through a web comic, in which it was assured that the web pages of 2008 and had evolved to web applications. Considering the above, it seemed like a good idea for Google to start with a totally scratch browser. And under that approach they built Google Chrome, which was based on open source elements and already used by what would be its competitors, such as the browser technology called WebKit, developed by Apple. Because it is a media product - bad or bad, it was a...
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This was the first version of Microsoft Internet Explorer | Digital Trends Spanish

Today, there is a generous supply of browsers so that users can navigate the web comfortably and with many tools at their disposal. There are even special browsers for mobile devices. However, there was a more nascent era of the internet when this offer was not so generous. For this reason, the launch of the first version of Microsoft's browser is considered a milestone. On August 16, 1995, that is, a day like today 26 years ago, the technology company released the brand new Internet Explorer, which was soon renamed Internet Explorer 1.0. The fact that it came integrated with the operating system soon made it the most popular and used web browser. This happened as of Windows 98, since, in the 1995 version, Internet Explorer worked as a plug-in. An important moment was the launch of I...
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You have to know this new free emulator | Digital Trends Spanish

Video game lovers are likely to experience days of anticipation with the imminent launch of the new PS5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. This is not a bad time to be a gamer, especially if we consider the multiple options we have in video games, options that we did not have a couple of decades ago. Anyway, there are still many users who long for the classic games of yesteryear, those who ran with very few resources, but still gave us great days of entertainment. The problem is that those historical consoles are no longer manufactured. For this reason, emulators have become a useful tool, especially for the most nostalgic. One of the most innovative in recent times is Emulatrix, a free and open source web emulator that can be used to run any game on classic consoles lik...